reBEAT is a new beginning.
The ground-breaking, yet simple way to assist failing hearts.


Minimally invasive. Maximally effective. reBEAT is the most human solution to treating heart failure. Just like a skin, it covers the diseased heart and supports it in its function.

Adaptable to individual needs.
Without any blood contact.

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Heart Failure
Prof. Ulrich Stock
Clinical Expert and Advisor to AdjuCor

reBEAT enables us doctors to be more effective. There have been so many times during my more than 20 years as heart specialist, where I’ve wished that it were simpler to do what I do. At last, heart teams are able to help patients who suffer from a weakened heart, using a straightforward yet highly effective device.


Heart Failure
Enlarged heart with reduced ejection volume.

Minimally Invasive
reBEAT can be implanted around the heart within a few minutes, without blood contact.

Mechanical Support
reBEAT contains air cushions that gently squeeze the heart, in sync with its natural rhythm.

reBEAT gives people with heart failure their lives back.
It enables them to participate in normal everyday activities, no longer restricted by a weakened heart.


Finally, a real second chance

Twenty-six million people worldwide suffer from heart failure, many of whom experience daily respiratory distress, fatigue, and regular hospitalization. For more than 500.000 of these in an advanced stage of the illness, there are no further treatment options.

reBEAT offers thousands more patients the perspective to enjoy a second chance at life without complications.

Severely underserved Market
Europa & US

reBEAT is fast and easy to implant, allowing a speedy recovery time for patients.

As a result, the length of stay in the hospital decreases significantly – this reduction of costs will make it possible to treat thousands more patients than before.



Press Release, 10/2023: German Start-up AdjuCor Marks Milestone with Successful First-in-Human Implantations of reBEAT System Article on Cision

Press Release, 01/2023: AdjuCor Launches EU Co-Funded Project for Accelerating Market Entrance of reBEAT, their Innovative Cardiac Support Device Article on Cision

Press Release, 06/2022: AdjuCor awarded a 2.5 million Euro EIC Accelerator grant from the European Innovation Council More info

Press Release, 06/2021: AdjuCor Raises € 29 Million in Series B Funding Round for its Revolutionary Heart Assist Technology More info | Article on Cision

Press Release, 02/2021: Preclinical results of AdjuCor’s technology to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the AATS 2021 More info

Press Release, 12/2020: AdjuCor’s first international conference presentation has been confirmed – ISHLT 2021 More info

Press Release, 02/2020: AdjuCor enters BMBF supported research collaboration for developing 3D printable biomimetic polymers that mimic properties of the pericardium. More info

News Magazine FOCUS, 11/2019: The pump that saves hearts: Heart failure is the most frequent cause of death and the novel implant that could prolong these lives. More info

Press Release, 10/2019: AdjuCor announces first successful in vivo 60-day pre-clinical survival study using its cutting-edge non-blood-contacting device. More info



Prof. Stephen Wildhirt
CEO, Co-founder

Innovator and cardiac surgeon with extensive experience in heart failure surgery and heart transplantation. Performed over 2,000 open-heart surgical procedures.

Dr. Andreas Maier

Expert in the development of image-based personalized cardiovascular devices and has extensive production know-how.

Dr. Johannes Clauss

Has more than 10 years of experience in medical device development and already founded a medical device start-up company.

Dr. Hamman de Vaal

Broad experience in business development and medical device sales & marketing, with a strong foundation in medical device development.

Clinical Advisory Board

Mechanical Circulatory Support

Prof. Stephan Schueler
Head of Mechanical Circulation Support

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, UK

Prof. Ulrich Stock
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon and Heart Failure Specialist

Harefield Hospital, London, UK

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for specialists in the medical, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT fields to join our team. Come and create the next revolution in heart medicine with us!

If you did not find your skill-set and/or experience here, but are highly-motivated, -skilled and -passionate about cutting-edge medical devices, then please contact us:


Current Vacancies:

Firmware-Developer C++ (m/w/d)

Office Manager, Executive Assistant (m/w/d)

Software-Developer C# (m/w/d)

Working Student Product Management (m/w/d)

Cooperation Partners and Projects

AdjuCor is grateful for its current and past involvement in various research projects together with excellent scientific partners.


JTCVS (2022)
Int J Numer Method Biomed Eng (2019)
Sci Transl Med (2019) - Editorial
Mater Sci Eng C (2019)
ASAIO (2018)
Int J Numer Method Biomed Eng (2017)

Public Support and Funding

AdjuCor and its research partners are supported with grants from European Union, the German Ministry of Research and Education, the German Ministry of Economics and Energy and the state of Bavaria.


AdjuCor GmbH

18 Neumarkter Street
81673 Munich
+49 89 262-049-600

Managing Director
Professor Dr. med. Stephen Wildhirt
HRB: 183620
U-ID: DE 271301817

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Biventricular assistance for patients with advanced heart failure

Disclaimer: reBEAT is a biventricular cardiac support device that avoids blood contact, which is currently under pre-clinical investigation and not yet available for sale.

About AdjuCor’s reBEAT system for treating end-stage heart failure


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